Glow in the Dark Barbed Wire Beanie


πŸ’€ Our classic Barbed wire beanies – but now they glow in the dark!


πŸ’€ These are one of our best sellers, so we decided for Halloween to throw a spin on them and make them glow in the dark. Embroidered onto black beanies, our glow in the dark thread is available in both pale pink & white options for the day, and at night a fluorescent green! Check the photos for a comparison of the pink & white threads.


πŸ’€ These beanies are simple, but work well with a lot of outfits and are a great easy accessory to throw on as the weather starts to turn!


πŸ’€ Beechfield original cuffed beanies are used for this product and they are 100% soft-touch acrylic. Please allow 5-10 working days for delivery, as orders embroidered to order to save waste and moon materials is currently a one woman facility! Glow in the dark beanies require “charging” by light in order to glow brightest.