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We are currently open for commissions. There is no minimum order quantity, and currently we can embroider beanies, garment chests, backs, sleeves, trouser legs, bags, and loads of other items!

To query about commissions, please use the form below or contact directly at

What's the price?

There is no set price for commissions. This is because each item takes a different amount of time to embroider depending on it’s size and intricacy, and by using a fixed price it would mean some customers pay more than is necessary.

There is a one off digitising fee to convert the design an embroidery design (this is a standalone cost rather than incorporating it into item costs as it works out cheaper for the customer).

We currently do not take any profit on the garments or blanks used, and only charge for the time taken to embroider, embroidery materials, cut and clean up. As most of the commissions we do are for artists and small businesses, this is the fairest way we have found. We are also happy for you to order your blanks directly to us to embroider!

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